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Zulu Nyala’s Fleet of Vehicles for Game Viewing

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“We stayed at Zulu Nyala from a charity purchase, not knowing what to expect. But they exceeded our expectations with great customer service, accommodations, food and safari guides.”


“As with most, we bought this 6 night safari at an auction. It turned into a 15 day trip to S. Africa starting at Durban and the Fairmont Zimbali Resort and ending at the Steenberg Hotel and Winery outside Cape Town. It will be one of the more memorable experiences of my lifetime!”


“When I attended a gala dinner celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the girl scouts the furthest thing from my mind was ending up on safari in South Africa. But there on the silent auction table sat an opportunity for adventure and somehow my daughter talked me into placing a bid. The result was serendipitous. We had a fantastic time.”


”We learned about this lodge through a local charity auction. On our visit we met several other guests who also were happy winners of local auctions. If you get a chance to bid on a visit to this place: “Don’t miss the opportunity!”


“We also bought the trip through a charity fundraiser (my sorority’s alumnae chapter). If you see it offered – buy it!”


“We got this adventure like most we talked to -through an auction. So glad we did.”


“If you are reading this after you spent the money at the auction give yourself a pat on the back for being charitable and for making a wise decision!”

Zulu Dancers

helenX1557IS  Weybridge, United Kingdom

Reviewed 17 July 2017

Excellent holiday in every way

Absolutely loved Zulu Nyala…. Bought through a silent auction. Yes flights were quite expensive but it was well worth it as spent 4 days in Cape Town prior to travelling up to Zulu Nyala.

It is about 3 hour from Durban Airport and the transport booked through ZN was good. 3 of us travelled so we upgraded the tent to a luxury family tent and It was lovely (Rhino 1). Big, 3 beds, lounge, coffee/tea making facilities, fridge, ceiling fans and a lovely bathroom with big shower and separate bath.

Food – all the meals were great. a few options each night and was very tasty. Very impressed with it all. it was all clean and looked fresh and the staff were excellent/ Very helpful and friendly.

The whole area was very well kept, plants, lodges, eating and drinking areas. All staff were excellent and friendly.

the twice daily safaris were excellent. Our guide was Amon and he was absolutely fabulous. He was amazing at finding the animals and getting us up close to them. One evening you get to take drinks and watch the sunset. That was a lovely touch, and we got to do some star gazing too and see the milky way come out. Our group was also a lovely bunch 10 people maximum and there was 9 in ours.

Even the additional trips were excellent and the tour guide assigned to you for the week plans and organises it all. We did the elephant interaction which was amazing seeing the elephants up close and learning much more about them, St Lucia boat cruise for the hippos was good and the beach and town visit at St Lucia was really good to see too. the Indian Ocean was lovely Zulu cultural tour was good, and is on the ground of the heritage lodge. Some other guys in our group went whale watching and saw about 30 whales, and some went to the cheetah interaction and Phinda trips too and recommended them.

The Game Lodge looked nice too, and seems to be on the grounds of the reserve so people did see animals walking round, whereas the heritage is just off the grounds.

overall…. it was an excellent experience and would totally go again NOW !!

I have travelled across various continents and Africa has always been my favourite and going back reminded me just how much I love it. Being at one with nature and seeing the animals in their own habitat is amazing and very touching.

TripAdvisor TSC from Florida July 2017

Wonderful experience – go ahead and bid on it!

Like almost everyone else at the lodge, we bought the 6-night stay at a charity function. It is obviously the facility’s marketing scheme – and it works! We had a wonderful time. With all the options in South Africa, I doubt we would have selected this one, so we were very glad that we “won” this at the auction. The grounds were lovely and well cared for. The rooms were big (by European standards) with a large modern bath, a desk, a sitting room and in room coffee maker. Our room was clean and very comfortable.
Food was good and plentiful with buffets served for all meals.

Overall, we thought the service quite good. We found the Zulu people to have (what a sociologist in the group called) a serious “resting face.” They weren’t all smiley – until you smiled at them and then the wide smiles were given in return. Once we caught on to that, we found the staff to be very friendly.

Safari – the greatest strength and greatest weakness of Zulu Nyala game reserve is its size. At 4,500 acres, it is not big enough to have lions or more than 3 elephants, however, it has plenty of hippos, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, Cape Buffalo, vervet monkeys, warthogs, impala, and Nyala. We also found some Kudu, a water buck, a few duikers, a python, and the elusive but amazing cheetah. They took us out on safari in the mornings from 6:15- 8:30 and in the afternoon from 3:30 -5:30. We were never bored on the drives and each time we saw something amazing. The reserve is large enough that you can drive around for 10-15 minutes without seeing anything (or any other safari trucks) but small enough that you will definitely see animals. For comparison, we took a side trip to Phinda to see lions. Phinda is 50,000 acres (more than 10 times as big) and while it was an amazing afternoon, there was much more time spent driving without seeing animals then we ever did at Zulu Nyala and when we saw a herd of zebra they were across the field instead of almost close enough to touch. Our guide, Sandiso, was excellent. He made sure that we got to see everything and got us so close that I got great pictures with my iphone! I also like the way they team you up with the same group of people on your safari drives. We had a really fun group and it was fun (like summer camp).

Overall – highly recommended especially for any first timers like us. You’ll be well cared for and see tons of animals!


References from Organizations

REAF is a non-profit foundation in San Francisco that for 23 years has given to local agencies in need- youth programs, meals on wheels, ALRP, the homeless etc.

We get no government or state funding, so we raise money through donors and fundraising events. We have been working with Zulu Nyala for many years- auctioning trips from them at our live and silent auctions.

Zulu Nyala has helped us raise over $40,000 dollars.

Everyone that has won a trip, has had a great time. According to many winners, the trips are wonderful, well organised and that the accommodation is beautiful, and exceeds their expectations.

As the board member that handles the auctions, Debbie and their staff are great to work with. We will continue to work with them.


View from Heritage Tented Camp Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation

I have been involved with charity auctions and fundraising for conservation entities in Arizona for more than a decade.  This includes four different wildlife and conservation organizations and the Zulu Nyala Photo Safari has been in our live auction lineup for nearly every event.  The ability to raise money for a cause is challenging in its own right, but it’s made much easier with the opportunity provided by an organization like Zulu Nyala.

After helping sell this safari vacation package for so long, my wife and I had to go see it for ourselves.  We did that in 2016, and we weren’t disappointed, as everything about the trip was excellent!  The folks at Zulu Nyala provided superior service, friendly and accommodating staff, great food, fantastic game drives and an overall wonderful experience!

One day we want to return.

Jim Unmacht

Executive Director

View from the Restaurant Deck at the Game Lodge
Your concept of giving up 50% is the coolest and really is both generous and risk free – at least to the charities using it.  And here is the best part:  Our friends, John and Roxanne Chapman just did your Zulu Nyala  safari a few weeks ago and just returned from Africa yesterday, and, they had an absolutely great time.  You run a great, generous service that something tells me does pretty well in that you do good by others.
Thanks for this, your 4th opportunity through me alone.
Bill Keenan
Grand Vision Foundation’s Annual Gala



 The African Conservation Foundation recently organised a fundraising event and our silent auction has been boosted by a very generous donation from Zulu Nyala. A photographic safari for two persons in South Africa was the major attraction generating competitive bidding and media interest. We are just delighted with this opportunity as the safari theme is closely aligned with our conservation goals. The funds raised will be used to help protect some of Africa’s most endangered species. A big thank you to the people of Zulu Nyala for their wonderful support.

Arend de Haas, Director – Conservation

African Conservation Foundation,
Chichester, United Kingdom


Fish Eagle

The Zulu Nyala safaris are one of our best selling silent auction items. We do at least three major events each year and they always sell. The relationship with Zulu Nyala has been instrumental in
helping The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis raise money for our research programs.  The safari has added an exotic destination to the travel section in our silent auction that our donors have appreciated, plus the Bosmans are wonderful people to work with.

 Randy Medenwald

Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

Florida, USA

It is my pleasure to share my experiences with Zulu Nyala, as the sponsor bringing the Zulu Nyala experience to my charities and as a past guest of Zulu Nyala!

In 2014, ‘Pennies in Action’, which funds cancer vaccine research, was my first exposure, and I was the purchaser!  With 2 years to book, I was able to make plans with my high school girlfriend!  What we found was an amazing sanctuary in Zulu Nyala, preserving South African wildlife in their natural habitat, a Garden of Eden experience, enhanced by the knowledgeable rangers, assigned to the guests on arrival.  The rangers’ attention completes the experience, helping with exursions, in addition to the planned 2 safaris per day!  This trip changed our lives and perception of South Africa.  Meeting visionary founder, Trevor Shaw, was indeed a highlight of my trip.  One man’s vision can change the world, offering the Zulu Nyala experience to the world through charities, supporting not only the preservation of almost extinct white and black rhinos, but one of the largest employers of the area, adding to the local economy.  My girlfriend, Cindy, is returning this April, bringing her husband and 2 granddaughters, to share this extraordinary South African adventure!

I can’t help but share Zulu Nyala with my favorite charities. Since 2014, I have offered Zulu Nyala packages:  Christ Church Christiana has the Green Show, funding grants that support inner city programs in Wilmington, Delaware; ‘Pennies in Action’; ‘Friends of Wilmington Parks’; ‘Kalmar Nyckel’ an educational tall ship re-creation experience.  I have raised more than $32475, the actual 50% going to these charities.  I find that the charities have had the best success with Silent Auctions, starting at $2500.00 opening bid, which is an extraordinary value, and with my slide show and standing close by, I am able to offer answers to any questions that may arise!

Zulu Nyala has been a wonderful and valuable partner in raising monies for my charities, and I cannot thank Zulu Nyala and their wonderful staff for all the work they continue to do for South Africa and around the globe!


Emily B. Knox

Wilmington, Delaware

302-981-5669  emknox07 @

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